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Earning a good income through websites is not as easy as it appears to be. It is not just that you create a site and dollars keep flowing to you, but there’s more to it. In fact, there’s a lot more. Generation of income through websites demands good ranking of the site in search engine results.

Reports state that search engines are the major sources of traffic to any site and anybody losing on this front isn’t considered healthy for his or her business. According to the survey of Forrester Research Inc. (an independent technology and market research company), 81 % of internet consumers find web sites through search engine’s. So, it shows more than three-fourth of the site hunters who can reach you only through the search engines. But what all can bolster your search engine performance?

To begin with, you have to choose one or more keywords that are relevant to your site. It is also for you to see that the chosen keyword is not into too much competition as that will lower its chances for highlighting the site at a good position anywhere. Phrases are preferred over single words when it comes to choosing a keyword.

Appropriate placement of the keyword phrases in the title, description and content of the page proves to be very helpful as the search engines like this. It has been observed that people don’t go beyond the third page of search results to fulfill their needs, and most of the seekers would never like to look after the first page even. So, it should be a very important concern of yours that your website appears in one of these three pages.

Using header tags with the keywords in it is again a beneficial technique for scoring high from the search engine’s views. The prohibited part here is that your content should never appear as if the keywords have been stuffed - too much of anything is bad and engines despise stuffing. Hence, instead of bettering your position, this may be detrimental for your site ranking.

This was the on-page SEO activity. Next is the off-page SEO works where you work away from your website to make it more and more popular thus, increasing its position.

Trying as hard as you can for putting your site’s link in other site is helpful for making your site rank better. And here, it is much better if those sites work with similar subject as that of yours. Moreover, the quality of those websites providing links is also a criteria for ranking better in search engines.

Design and appearance of your site is always a feature that can attract revenue to any site. But that is only after visitors reach to your site. And for any portal to make visitors reach itself, there is the need of optimizing it - onpage as well as offpage. And this total combination of activities is known by the name of Search Engine Optimization.

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