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I have stage III - IV Uterine Endometrial cancer. I had a total hysterectomy & nearly died from septic infection. I spent 6 weeks in hospital recovering from that. I then managed 3 doses in one course of chemo (followed by neulasta shots) before my blood count sunk seriously low. A blood transfusion did nothing. 2 shots of procrit raised it a bit. Insurance wouldnt pay for more. Now I'm on hormone therapy. The surgery got 80%. My first followup CAT Scan showed "nothing". My second showed a slight increase in the size of renal lymphnode. The next set of tests & scans are scheduled for a few months from now. . . I really don't know what it all means nor what I'm doing. I take a lot of pain meds etc.

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Dec 4


I will not go gently into any good night.

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