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This all started along time ago I'v always had something that was chopped up to be growing pain's by my parents,But the first time I noticed it about age 13, I was doing the dishes and turned around to put a glass pitcher up and a pain hit me in my back it took all I had to hold on to the pitcher and grab the counter before I dropped the pitcher or I hit the floor,Then later in my later teens and early twenty's I started to notice that when I would bend over to do something like clean the bathtub or given one of my babys a bath I would get this sharp shooting pain up my back and I had no choose but to hurry up or stop all together because it hurt! It was like someone took somthing with electricity tied to it and hit me and shocked me in my back,Sense hitting my thirtys thing seem to be getting worse,I'v had the doctor tell me I have DJD and Fibromyalgia and possibly nerve damage as well I just wish I knew what it was for sure because it has a big inpact on my life and everthing I do as well,It's not that I can't do thing ,I still cook, clean take care of my family as I should ect: but the effects it has on me during and after is just awful on me! I loss the feeling in my hands with tingleing and burning down my arms and swelling as well both my shoulders well its pretty much the same I no longer can sleep or lean on my left shoulder its worse then the right side at times I can't even hold my arms up to shampoo my hair from the pain of it,They doctor told me at one point that I had bursitis they found it on a MMR,I'v had my hips to I guess kinda lock up on me to were I by myself could not move them and had to ask my husband to help me move my legs stright so I could get up slow and start moving around,The best way for me to describe it is in my hips and lower back it's like having a baby the pain that is and burning,My knee swelled up last Nov, Went to the doctor as a walk in I could not hardly walk on my knee or bare my own weight on it hardly,I could not see the doctor because I was a walk in seen a nurse practitioner they thought it mite be a blood clot in my knee because it was real swellon and had a fever in as well so they sent me for an ultrasound witch turned out there was none but I knew that before they sent me,So before I left to that ultrasound they gave me some kinda steroid shot and something else and that helped more then anything they have ever gave me before so about 2 weeks later my shoulder did the same when I went in and seen the nurse practitioner, I told him what worked and asked him to give me that because no pain meds was helping but that did and then my hip started in it hurt so bad just to bend it to sit on the potty was awful...All that took place just because I was putting up our fake christmas tree.It just seems to me that pain meds just hide the problem but I am a young woman not that old to have the problems I do! I have been seening a difference in my vision to my peripheral alot and driving at night and like flickers and little spots in my vision,just to squeeze on my bones hurts me I know that sounds funny but it does. If I lay down to long in the bed and happen to roll on my back when I wake up I can't just get up or sit up I'v had to take my own hands and turn my hips to the side and start moving my legs around till I'm able to get thing's moving and I'm so stiff and hurting but to do nothing but lay there aint no way I could do that I can't sit,stand,walk,ect for long periods at all I'm sure when I sit to watch a movie with the family they probably think at times I have ants in my pants but I cant help it I have to adjust all the time from side to side legs up and legs down ect: My husband know's more then anyone how this is effecting me he says I cry and moan in my sleep he told me that because everthing going on with me I thought he and other people would think I was just being a hypercondriac. So he reassured me that he believed me because he said people can fake alot of stuff but not while they sleep.There is alote going on with me and I just hope somone out there after reading this mite be able to offer me some kinda direction in what to talk to the doctor about so I can get to the bottom of what is going on with me instead of just covering it up with med's and letting it get worse oh and a few more things I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not but I seem to have a hard time thinking anymore and paying attention as well and I get severe UTI's with blood and they come on fast to and I get at less 1 to 2 a year and passing stool is not offten enough like 1 to 2 times a week on a good week and not much when I do go.I woke up one morning and was fine and we went out to eat for lunch had to leave the restaurant and go straight to the E.R . and again another severe UTI. Sorry so long but just trying to put as much as I can in there so maybe someone mite be able to put me on the right track of what I mite need to do,Oh and I did physical therapy with pilates and electro therapy as well and had a back to back appointments and after the first day the next day I called to cancle because I was in to much pain to go and they told me I need to come in so they could assess my condition so I went in and my shoulder was in pretty bad shape swollen down in to my breast needless to say they said something other was going on and that they would send a report to the doctor that I needed further test and at that time would not be able to continue my therapy and that I needed to be further evaluated.Again I'm sorry this is so so long but any help or understanding is more then welcome!!!!!!!

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