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Lilly Mccleary

In 2001 I was attacked beaten and strangled to death, then revived. In about 2003 I was blown off a motorcycle by lightening, Thrown 30 feet through the air and landed with my helmeted head on the opposite meridian. I was unable to get medical attention. Now I can, and a CT scan done last week shows ischemia and a 4mm white spot on my frontal lobe. I am now (and have been since the attack) suffering a multitude of symptoms, that fluctuate in severity (memory problems, execution and planning problems, language problems,unreasonable anger issues etc.) or occur only occasionally (falling for no reason, incontinence, panic attacks,etc.) With all the possibilities, it is hard to tell what damaged me, but we are trying to find out. Oh, yes PTSD is also a factor, aggravated by the brain damage, I would imagine.

Lilly Mccleary
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Fresno, CA


Jul 9

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