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I am a healthy 37yr old female but there was a time before 10/03/07 when I was not so healthy and drugs ruled my life and it almost costed me my life or possibley my right eye from a bacteria infection and any damage to it was irreversable..by the Grace and Mercy of our Savior it only went as far as eating a hole in my rectna where fliud was building up..which isn't as bad as it sounds but God wasnt gonna leave me in that mess either..after only being treated with strong iv antibiotics for a month Doctors and Surgins all over Ky where stunned as my eye miraculasly healed 100% for what requierd surgery on my eye to repair the hole and removal of fliud later...things happen for a reason..the key is how you allow it to affect/change your life for growth...Date of Sobriaty:10-03-07

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May 5


"Don't Tell me the sky's the limit when thiers footprints on the moon"

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