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Sergei Kalsow Plastic Surgery of New York City

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Sergei Kalsow, M.D. offers a broad range of procedures that cover Facial, Breast and Body Plastic Surgery but his practices can also perform various MedSpa treatment such as Under Eye Fillers, Lip Injection Fillers, Botox etc. After finishing medical school 9 years ago, and undergoing extensive training in general and plastic surgery, Dr. Kalsow founded his plastic surgery private practice in Manhattan. With hundreds of procedures under his belt, Dr. Sergei Kalsow is recognized as a Brilliant and Up and Coming Plastic Surgeon in New York. He enjoys operating on the whole body, but especially on the face. “Working on the face you can make the most difference in patients’ lives. When people look at you, the face is the first thing they see. Whether you are at work or in a social setting, facial beauty helps you in all your life circumstances.” Sergei Kalsow, MD, 1049 5th Ave #2D, New York, NY 10028, (646) 653-2287

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