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I've been suffering with Hidradenitis Suppurativa since February 2010. I've seen several dermatologist and they all recommend the same thing--surgery, if worsen. I refuse to let it get worse. Yes, there is no cure but I am willing to try home remedies (so do share) and if I have any I will definitely share as well. If you're suffering with this disease, just know you're not alone and it's not the end of the world. Be happy still and try not to let it get you down (as easy as if may sound, it's very hard). Good luck all and stay well!

PS- my HS is located in my armpits so after my shower, I use gauze pads to keep the area dry and change the gauze pads every few hours (depending on drainage). I also use Vaseline when it feels dry and cracked. I also take women's one-a-day vitamins (1 capsule) and garlic oil soft gels every day (3 capsules). I do not use deodorant as it makes the wound larger. Also, I shower with anti-bacterial soap daily, not with regular soap.

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