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Louky de Lange

In my mid twenties - early thirties I found it hard to believe in myself. I worked as a secretary, which I did not like. I felt overstrained, exhausted, overwhelmed by emotions and there were days when I could not stop crying. There were no medical issues. My mother was a nurse, so I was raised to look at health from her point of view. If you feel pain, take a pill. I felt really attracted to nature and felt that I had to stay close to nature. So I met someone, who told me, that I was High Sensitive. I had to learn to stabilize myself, recognise when I was tuned in to someone and took over their feelings. She made several Bach flower remedies for me. I realised that I did not feel happy in my work. So at 30 I went to University to study psychology. Later on I learnt more about the chakra''s, meridians and working at the subconcious level. I found that with the existing psychological treatments I could not make the difference for my clients that I would like. I am interested in health and started learning about vitamins and minerals, about the impact of food on our bodies and about healing. In September 2015 I went to Australia to do a special healing training on trauma release and working at the cellular level. I discovered new ways of healing myself and in my treatment I use whatever tool I find suitable for the question the client has.

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Are you aware that people can react differently to things that happen in their lives? Some people experience for example more anxiety then others or have a more sensitive nervous system. So an accident or an event may have more impact on you than on someone else. A trauma influences the entire being on a cellular level. The information the brain receives, is transmitted to the organs and the systems. You will recognize that once the incident has happened, you relive it in your brain many times. The brain cannot differentiate between the actual moment and you reliving it where ever you are. So the brain gives the same signals to the body each time you relive the incident. Just image what impact this has on your body.

As a psychologist I use EMDR as a method to release trauma. As a healer I use techniques on the subconscious level to release trauma. People say after a session that they feel relieved, more energetic and more present.

Louky de Lange
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