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Kelly's Story: As a single mother of 5 daughters Kelly knows what it's like to juggle work, family, friends, and have time to find Mr. Right. She's been married twice--unhappily to abusive men--and finally made her love-dreams a reality and is in a wonderful relationship. She's also a radio show host, multi-published best selling romance author with 9 novels on the market, and is a popular intuitive life and relationship counselor. Her honest, unique, and friendly guidance has made her a well respected, international success.

Frankie's Story: This twice divorced mom of 3--a set of twins and a single--understands what it is like to deal with chronic pain, self-esteem issues as well as abusive relationships and workplace overload. She has finally learned to balance her life, lift her spirit and hit the jackpot in the love department. Frankie is happily ensconced in the most incredible relationship of her making, having walked her talk and lost her “ NEEDY MEN APPLY HERE” neon sign! The Unstoppable Frankie turns Impossible dreams into Unstoppable outcomes. She is a radio show host, published author, and Certified Master Coach who has specialized in Relationships, Mediation, and Sexual Health for over 20 years.

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WHAT'S A LOVE WRANGLER? A Love Wrangler is a woman who doesn't allow her body to roam the range or emotions to go on a stampede. She rides tall in the saddle with pride and confidence. She's playful and often laughs...sometimes too much, but better than not enough. She's an explorer in her own life and the world around her. She doesn't take any bull--mechanical or otherwise! She knows the ropes when it comes to love. She refuses to take life too seriously, learns from her mistakes, and wants a special cowboy sitting next to her around the campfire. She's always a lady, yet doesn't bat an eyelash when there's hard work to be done; she can roll up her sleeves and run the ranch just as well, if not better, than any hombre can. At the end of the day she can look in the mirror and smile, knowing that being a Love Wrangler is a journey, not a destination. And what a journey it is!

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