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I am a lupus survivor, having been diagnosed in 1988 at age 50. The road has been rocky, but today I'm in remission and feeling good. I have written a book about my personal struggles with lupus: Diagnosis: Lupus: The Intimate Journal of a Lupus Patient, available on Amazon.com. I have a new publisher who has asked me to write another book about lupus, this one being from lupus survivors themselves. Therefore, I am looking for contributors to this book....your story, your feelings, your dealings with family and friends, medications, doctors, anything you want to "vent" about. I will send a Release form stating you allow me to use your stories, which will be anonymous, and your privacy will be protected. Please let me know at lupusproject@sbcglobal.net or on this site.
Marilyn Celeste Morris

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Marilyn Morris


Fort Worth , TX


Apr 21


This, too, shall pass.


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