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Not much to say, in excellent health. I run and own a male enhancement website called Maleshop.co.za .
Almost every day we receive atleast one email asking us if our Male supplements work. To be honest… no not all of these products work. In fact we believe that for every ten new male enhancement product created each month, only 1 one of them will work. There is probably around 10000 Male supplements websites on the net. Most of these companies do not care about their customers, most of them make hundreds of false advertising statements and thoughtful promises about products that are supposed to make you big within a month.
Luckily government agencies have been cracking down on these companies but most of them just open up again after a couple of months.
But before we go on, NO Male enhancement pill or patch will ever make you penis bigger. The only way to increase and expand you penis is to use a 3 different packages
Male Enlargement Exercises
Male penis extenders
Water Based Vacuum Pumps

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Cape Town, AL South Africa

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