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big grid-Pic Split Post Grid is an iOS app that makes big photo grids for Instagram. The app makes tile photos from your original picture and you use the app to post photo grids on Instagram.How to make photo grids on Instagram First - Open the Pic Split Post Grid app and tap the Upload Photo button. Select a photo from your Camera Roll. For best results, choose a photo with at least 8MB of resolution. Any photos taken from an iPhone 4s (2010) to the current iPhone X (2017) will work perfectly.Second - Choose a grid option (1×3, 2×3 or 3×3). You can move and scale the photo to fit the grid. The 3X3 grid will make a nice big square photo on your IG profile page.Third - After your grid is done, just share on Instagram. The tiled photos are numbered from #1-9 for square grids. All you need to do is post in numerical order. When you tap on a tile, select the option – Copy to Instagram. The Instagram app automatically opens, and you can create your post. Repeat for the rest of your grid.

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