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Marci Lall

Marci Lall is a Weight Loss & Body Sculpting Specialist who coaches and teaches women how to decrease their body fat and increase their metabolism.

Marci has been active in the fitness industry as a personal trainer since 2002. Prior to that time he spent most of his time instructing and participating in karate classes, and sharpening up his skills in high school wrestling.

Marci currently offers weight loss and body sculpting programs for women, which include one-on-one training, group training, online training. In addition, he’s the head moderator at the Feminine Fit Institute, an online weight loss and body sculpting community for women.

Marci specializes in solving weight loss issues that directly affect women, and is passionate about helping them achieve their desired goals.

“Women work mighty hard at not only providing for their family but also making sure that chores are done, meals are cooked, homework gets done… the list can go on and on. It’s very rewarding for me to help keep these women fit and healthy so they’re able to accomplish their daily activities with ease, feel better about themselves and look amazing!”

Marci has extensive experience in personal training and coaching. A fitness ‘force of nature’ he is proud to say he:

• was a special guest on the number one breakfast show in Toronto.

• writes numerous popular and informative fitness-related articles.

• has been used as a professional source on fitness and health in top magazines.

• has been featured in the Metro Newspaper as a professional source.

• contributes to dozens of health and fitness websites

• continues to provide exceptional personal training services throughout Toronto.

Marci Lall
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"The will to succeed - It's the will that makes men - success takes perseverance." - Bruce Lee

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