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I do not consider myself a professional cook but rather a professional food recipe tester. I say this because I like to test different food options using an existing recipe. I would for instance not use salt in a recipe but rather substitute it with seasoning that would give the recipe a different taste that may sometimes improve the recipe or totally ruin the whole thing. My food obsession includes dark chocolate and cookies. You will notice my preference when you read my food blog.
This amazing Food Blog is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Thank you for reading our recipe food blog. We are an online based food blogging website with a special interest in creating unique recipes for our readers. The onlinefoodblog.com stated about ten years ago - with me reading vast quantities of food recipes online and purchasing cookbooks every time I visited a bookstore. I only started my own food blog 2 years ago as I was working full time at that stage. As you probably gathered I am a bit obsessed with creating amazing recipes for my readers that is tasty and easy to make.

I began loving the food at the age of 16 while working at various food chains for extra spending money. At some stage, I got a history lesson from some of the world class chefs about how different food groups combine to create a new taste. I also start to realize the difference between developing your own recipes from an existing recipe to just following the recipe that you read online or in a cookbook.

Food blogging is easy but only if you enjoy making food. Sitting hours behind a computer writing out various recipe ideas and then testing them can become choir if you don’t enjoy making food.

Whatever you desire - Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe or Roasted Asparagus with a Scotch Egg and Mustard Sriracha Hollandaise Sauce

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