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I had a breast lumpectomy in 2013 that sparked off pain and strange sensations within 24 hours of op. I spent a fair while begging Gp to refer for a psychiatric assessment because I couldn't believe the severity/intensity of the pain could possibly be real.. Unfortunately it's very real, strange that 'unfortunately' means I thought having a mental health issue was the better option and I still do a bit. I've witnessed the difference in a patient after psychiatric drugs and help start.!! My life completely changed in months and I felt so different in every way. It's taken a long time and patience to get tests done sometimes twice, and several Drs before I felt like I was getting somewhere. I've heard names of conditions I couldn't even say and each one doesn't fit. Eventually CRPS seemed likely and neurologist asked a colleague to assess for 2nd opinion, he said CRPS or another similar condition were possibilities. Three months on and it's almost confirmed but I've to get a consultation to assess my mental state, nurse said it's to make sure I understand the illness and it's prognosis, they have to be certain I will not commit suicide. A very High % of people diagnosed try/succeed to kill themselves after reality sets in and they are facing possible life with the most painful condition known today. I'm confident I will not consider or carry this out but they can't take my word for it.. Waiting on app and reading info on CRPS for the first time as my condition... So far I am not freaking out or depressed. I am however wishing It wasn't so important to be diagnosed at all because everyone has said "won't be long and you'll feel so much better once you know what it is." Why/how.??? It's a word that I have been hearing about for months but it doesn't come with painkillers attached so I don't see how the pain could possibly be any different after that word is written on my notes.!! I'm hoping Its true but if it was then why wouldn't Drs do it quickly and save the nhs a forune.. It's a strange statement to make. X

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Make no mistake between my personality and my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are. Xx

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