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Hi, My name is Mesha Harris I'm 35 and I have lupus. I have three children and a loving hubby my son is 18 my two girls are 15,13. I came from out of no where.I was a model for hair and we had big show and when. I went to hit the funway everything went black. I'm thinking I just need some rest so. I went on about two weeks later it happened and I was at work and it lasted longer that time so. I called my eye doc. when. I got there he flashed a light in my eye and said that. I had fluid on my brain and that it had leeked in my left eye. I was like ok so they tryed to drain it and with water pells but that didn't work so. They put a drain in it but still can't see out my eye went back to work but was still very sick couldn't walk as good was falling all the time so I went back to my doc and he sent me to rom doc and when my test came back it was lupus,RA

seeoutmWent back to work and I was so sick I

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North Little Rock, AR Little Rock


Aug 29


I got Lupus, Lupus don't got me...!

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