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Hello! I’m Shirley and I’m a (Peri-) Menopause Chick.

Do I look like a (Peri-) Menopause Chick? What does a (Peri-) Menopause Chick even look like? Well, I’m about to crack open the conversation so we can find out together.

If you’re like me–somewhere between 35 and 60–you may have:

-started to experience “different” things happening with your body
-consulted “Dr. Google” at 3 a.m. only to turn up a plethora of confusing & frustrating results
-felt overwhelmed by the mind-blowing amount of messages coming at you about hormone imbalance, hormone replacement therapy, bio-identical hormones, hot flashes, sleep problems, weight gain, lowered libido, mood swings..the list is virtually endless!
-consulted your own doctor, only to be dismissed as being too young for menopausal symptoms (“The average age is 51.2, you know!”)
-purchased books that made your head spin
-felt like you are alone in all of this

If you’re like me, you may have also thought:
"If only there was one trusted resource that curated all the expert, menopause-related information; a place where I could get guidance, learn what questions to ask, download helpful tools and upload a dose of confidence so I can navigate this stage of my life…and learn to have frank and meaningful conversations about menopause. It would save me time, save me money and (god willing) save my sanity."

Well, now there is…Menopause Chicks: your go-to source for cracking open the conversation about menopause & peri-menopause. Menopause Chicks promises to be a place for women (and men) who crave regular tips, inspiration, expert guidance & opinions in order to navigate the mid-life years with peace & vitality.

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Shirley Weir


Vancouver, BC, Canada


Feb 13

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