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When I was 14 I became sexually acitive with my boyfriend of 2 years. I ended up getting pregnet and subsequently had an abortion. I had always had pretty regular heavy periods very painful with clots. When I was 16 I became pregnet again this time I miscarred early within the first few weeks. I wanted to go to college so I began taking birth control. My periods remained regular and very heavy and painful. When I turned 19 I began the Depo Pervera injecion which was very nice because it stopped me from having periods. around age 23 I started gaining a lot of weight, I stopped taking Depo Pervera because the gyo thought that might be causing it after so many years of use. I went back on the pill and started having my very heavy painful periods again. I have always had a problem with acne since adolecenses and have seen dermatolgists throughout my life. At this time my acne started getting very bad. I saw a dermatologist who put me on Accutane. I finished 8 months of the Accutane and my skin was great! The best it has ever been! When I was 26 the gyo decided that I should go for an exploratory laproscopy to check for endometrosis since my periods were still very painful and heavy. The exploratory lap yeilded negitive results. My gyo then recommended me taking my birth control pill continously and skipping my placebo pills so I could avoid having a period. That worked well for me, then when I was 29 I ended up with left lower quadrent dull abdominal pain which I ignored for about 8 months. I finally went and had it checked out. The Dr. ordered a CAT scan of my abdomen which showed only a cyst on my left ovary. I then had an ultrasound and we continued to watch it over the course of 6 months. I continued to have the dull left lower quad pain and the cyst never burst. It only got slightly larger. Otherwise I was told my overys were fine and not polycystic. The Dr. was suprised it was not bursting as a normal cyst would so we decided on surgical removal. I had an exploratory lap and had the cyst removed. I was tolds everything looked fine on the inside, the cyst was biopsyed negative. I remained on the birth control pill skipping out menstral cycles. Then when I turned 30 I decided to stop my birth contol pills completely to see where my body was and to "clean out my system". My body went crazy I got severe acne and my hair started falling out in clumps. I was told I was a shift in my hormones and would get better. I saw a dermatologist for my skin and was put back on Accutane. I finished another 8 months of the Accutane and stayed off the birth control pill. I started putting on weight and my hair kept shedding like crazy. The Accutane cleared up my face. My Primary care Dr. then ordered some hormonal levels and my DHEA came back high. She then refered me to an endocrinologist who perfored a slew of labs and then told me I have PCOS. Regardless of the normal apperance of my overies and regular periods. My cholestrol/triglyceride levels are also out of wack which started with my first round of Accutance and is a side effect of Accutane. But it seems like it never went back to "normal levels" after I quite taking the Accutane. It also was discovered at this time that I have Insulin Resistance.

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