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By the end of the 1970s, Lee Baxandall and other free beach leaders on both the East and the West shores saw the demand for a broader-ranging, centralized naturist organization. The American Sunbathing Association was serving the needs of fkk clubs that possessed property, but did virtually nothing for bare use on public properties. Defenders and advocates of clothing-optional beaches, hot springs, or simply naturism in general were isolated at best, and in many regions non existent. Baxandall called for an organizing conference to be held in San Francisco in May 1980. Most beach leaders, coming from both sides of the country, met to agree on how to proceed effectively and economically to encourage and protect clothes-free use of beaches. Attendees agreed at that meeting the unifying organization's business office should be called The Naturists, Inc. and that the organizational membership should be called The Naturist Society. Artwork Andreatte from Santa Barbara is credited with proposing the European terms "naturists" and "nudism" to describe the group and its philosophy. "The Naturists" and "The Naturist Society" were often used interchangeably in the early years. The former word would also denote, from 1982, the business that produced the magazines, novels, and other paraphernalia of outreach. In that year, at the proposition of FKK' attorney, The Naturists, Inc was officially incorporated. Most folks today use "The Naturist Society" to refer to all aspects of the organization.

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