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22 years young. Diagnosed with PCOS when I was about 14 and was immediately placed on a nutritional diet and birth control pills to control my hormone levels. During that time I was told that I could not even become pregnant; and if I were to become pregnant, the pregnancy would not go full term. Recently found out that I was 6 weeks pregnant; my boyfriend and I were shocked. We immediately explored all possibilities and spoke with my O-BGYN. We decided to go with a medical termination of pregnancy. We agreed on this method because 1) we were only 7 months into our relationship and didn't want to feel resentment toward one another for being forced to have a family; if we were going to have a family, we wanted it to be because we planned it out and wanted to share our love thru procreation,. 2) If we planned to go thru with this, it wouldn't have been a successful 9 months due to the fact that 3 months prior, I had rapidly lost 30lbs and had unexplainable ailments. 3) Due to the large amounts of cysts on both of my ovaries, I would have been unable to work, and ultimately on bed rest.
Did I like my new figure? YES. I never felt sexier, my boyfriend even said so. Everyone was worried about me. I couldn't understand why, as I felt I still had about 10 more lbs to lose. ( I went from 150lbs to 123lbs in about 2 months). After doing some research online, I accepted the fact that not only did I have a rockin hott bod, I had an eating disorder. I felt that my acceptance was all I needed, and continued to hide food from myself, not eat at work (I am a supervisor at a restaurant so i'm constantly around food), avoid lunch dates with friends and family, and lock myself in my room 10 hours out of the day. I was way more productive, but had no intention of eating. It came to the point where food didn't cross my mind. In the end, I'm glad we chose to end the pregnancy, but it did take a heavy emotional toll on me. I would have gone with the in-clinic termination rather than medical.

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