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Everyone has life changing moments happen in their life, but when do we wake up and start taking care of our health so we can handle the everyday stress? If your a Mom, Dad, or Caretaker and you put others first before you take care of yourself. This is why I created my website. It only takes 30 min. per day and it's free!....only thing is you Got to...Get Up! Get Out! Get Moving.....before your regular routine starts.

If you need support, other people like you right in your community...you can form a walk/run/bike group on your street...set wake up times...or even evening. How ever you are inspired how to create it...don't put it off and wait for someone else to start it...you can go to a gym. There are people who prefer indoor...drive to gym type. And there are people who prefer the outdoors but don't want to be out alone early on there neighborhood street. We are not asking anyone to commit to a partner or exchange information, just show up, same time and do it!....and feel good that you did!...lastly it doesn't hurt to say Good Morning to another Mom...you might make a new friend :)

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Get Up! Get Out! Get Moving! Get it Done!

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