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I am 29yrs old, I have delt with very painfull periods and pain during my ovulation time. When I was 19yrs old 4mths before my 20th birthday is when they did my laperscopic surgery that found I had endometriosis. I had it so bad it was under and all around my uterius, it tied my fallopian tubes in half and too my uterius, it was also on my colon, intestines. They cleaned all, most of it up. I was in a long term relationship and was engaged to be married. My dr informed me they give me about a year to get pregnant. That is if the endometriosis grows back or what have you. I did end up getting pregnant with beautifull daughter, the gleam of my eye. But after I had her it went right back to being very painfull and the drs. I went to said that my endometriosis shouldn't have grown back sense I got pregnant ect. Well in the mean time my husband and I tryed to have another child. I had lost my brother and in doing so I gained quit a bit of weight and I had major back issus from when I hurt it in the military. So when I was 24yr old 2mths before my 25th birthday gastric bypass and then 6mths later I had my back fusied at the L-4-L-5 vertabrae. We did continue trying to have another baby. But with everything that had gone on and not being able to get pregnant my marriage went on the rocks. 1 1/2 after my ex husband and I split I was scheduled to have another laperscopic surgery and they were going rasie my cervix. Cause for some reason I had a titled cervix and they wanted to see if my endometriosis had returned sense I was continusely in pain. That day I went in for the surgery the OB dr cut me open and took out my cervix and uturis. They said that I had endometrial cancer starting. They did from the sounds of it get it all I'm not sure I still have my overies and still have a lot of pain. I had my hysterectomy at the age of 26 I am now 29. Its really hard to know that now I'm divorced and trying to move on but cant.

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Live today as if it was your last! and Always make peice with your past or you will never be able move on in the presant/future.

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