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I have disk-degenerative disease which has caused 3 herniated disks in lower back and tail-bone with arthritus. I also have endometriosis and Post-RAI Graves disease. I'm weighing at 225 lbs and only 5'5" (shrunk 1 1/2" in two years due to compressed /herniated discs). I also in therapy for Borderline Personality disorder with PTSD,Aniety and paranoia. That's generally my issues.
The cool part is: I'm a fighter and problem-solver big time. I'm a momma to two AWESOME little dudes! One is 12 yrs this October and the other is 7 yrs now. We have a sweet cat.. whom we adore. I'm an Artist and have an open mind. I like making "experiments" and Medicines in the kitchen. I like cooking from recipes but,I can't help changing them or making up my own. :) I love studying all kinds of subjects.I like writing childrens' stories and writing poetry. I don't watch alot of T.V. and don't encourage it. So... there's more but, I don't feel like putting it all on here. :) Sorry.

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"They Say,"Reach for the stars!". I say,"Reach for Yourself!". There's not a star brighter than the one you hide in yourself;you just need to believe in it." ~ By: ME! :)

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