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My health problems consist of:
Diabetes Type 2
Sleep Apnea
Hashimotos Disease
Possible Microvascular Aginia

Symptoms I am having but yet to have a diagnosis are chest pain radiating to jaw, back and arms, shortness of breath and occasional nausea. I have had the following tests recently: Heart Cath- negative (no blockages or CAD, 2 Lung CT scans - negative for disease, EGD - negative for disease, Heart Echo - mild concentric left ventricular hypertrophy. I have seen 2 cardiologists that will not treat my chest pain and shortness of breath since I have no blockages. My personal physician won't do anything.

Since I have had a clean "cath", I am told "good news, the pain and shortness of breath isn't coming from your heart so you won't have a heart attack". "It has got to be coming from your stomach, take Nexium." I went to my gastro doctor, had a EGD done, (even tho he said he knew he wasn't going to find anything to be causing my symptoms and he didn't. In fact he said I really didn't need an EGD but he would do it to quieten the other doctors. I agreed with him as I was tired of them telling me it was my stomach. ( I should give the bill to them).

Now I have a visit scheduled to see another cardiologist. This one is suppose to be one that knows and treats microvascular angina. We will see. Hopefully he will be able to tell me what is causing my chest pain and shortness of breath. And then be able to treat it if that is my diagnosis.

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