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I am 47 I always had problems with cysts on ovaries and in breasts at age 19 I had a cyst break on my ovary and went into septic shock and almost died this is very rare from what I know about cysts on ovaries because I had many rupture over the years and never had that happen again, I have been going through peri- menopause with every symptom from hot flashes to severe headaches fatigue, heart palputations, fog brain, ect the past few months I think I am finally going through the final end of it all I had my menstral cycle 3x in January none in Feb so far none in Mar however my boobs are severly sore and some cramping no I am not pregnant had my tide then removed due to infection also at age 33 had my uterus lining burnt because of heavy bleeding like I said long history of medical female issues. I hate menopause and all that comes with it not to mention I have gained 20lbs in the past 2 years ugg. Just started HGC shots to help with weight loss so far down 6lbs in a week we shall see hope my period don't start now because I would have to pause the program till it ends never know when I am going to get it or not these days...

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