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I have contacted the ASTYM foundation and will be turning my therapy records over to them for review. It's right there in black and white writing that the therapist continued to perform treatments after 6 weeks of painful complaints. Even wrote updates to my MD I was having pain and flare-ups and continued to do the treatments. I have underwent 5 months of testing now to find out I am left with a painful permanent condition that has jeopardized my career forever. Next step is nerve blocks with Anesthiology. At what point and time was a licensed therapist going to recognize the warning signs to stop the treatments? I stopped the treatments because the pain was so severe. I have been removed from work for pain management. Placed on medication to help control the pain and now I can't even drive a vehicle. I was told a medical director from ASTYM training center will be calling me next week and reviewing my records. This cannot happen to someone else.

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