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The black light congealed. Zhang Wenlong's figure suddenly congealed outside the mask of a powerful divine realm. His divine consciousness. It is effortless to penetrate into the space of the domain to spy. To the two gods of the fierce battle in the domain: the main God of conspiracy, Kreis, and the Sunbird, Adora! The purpose of his flying all the way to find this battlefield is very simple: among the chief gods of the elders of the Demons, the chief God of conspiracy, Kreis, is the weakest. So. The Protoss chose Adora, the Sunbird, who had been defeated by the God of death in the battle of the ancient gods! To be precise, Adora is not a pure patriarch God, but the most powerful master of the ancient Protoss! Take the lead on him. Try the real strength of the most powerful God kings in the universe. How evil are they. Is his greatest purpose. So far, among his opponents, there is no god-level main God. In ancient times, there was a big difference between the Lord God and the God King! It's not a level at all. Although the level is in the same level, what the ancient strong people lack is the innate power of the law of creation! The law of creation is under the power of general principles. The general principle of a branch of law, from which innumerable different rules are derived. But the ancient strong people, do not have the strength of the law, is only the Qi strength of the divine power energy wheat, reaches the attack degree of the God king level strong person. If they encounter spiritual attacks, they can only fight directly with perseverance and iron will. However,heavy duty plastic pallet, encounter such spiritual attacks as Zhang Wenlong. Immediately compare to Du. Zhang Wenlong wants to see the battle of the weakest pair of gods and kings. Is the law of creation so powerful that it can't be looked up to in the legend? As soon as his divinity network broke in. Kreis and Adora sensed it immediately. Two streams of angry divinity. Immediately with his divine touch, the main God of conspiracy Chris slightly surprised, did not expect him to end the battle so soon, came to her battlefield, the accident is somewhat happy, after all, Zhang Wenlong is one of his own, of course,euro plastic pallet, the purpose of coming here is to help fight! Sunbird Adora's steely nerves were slightly startled, and the huge divinity roared out, sweeping the vast starry sky in an instant, from the scene of millions of fierce battles. Sensing the presence of the Son, Jehovah. Only then did he breathe a sigh of relief: he thought the commander in chief of the Protoss had been killed by Zhang Wenlong! If it is. It would be too much of a blow to the Protoss' morale! Zhang Wenlong shook his body and wanted to break into the divine realm of the two main gods. Unexpectedly, the mask shell "banged.". A sound. Bounce his demon body back. This phenomenon surprised him. He had never encountered such a situation that he could not break in. His destruction of the divine realm, those ancient gods did not break in as soon as they broke in? As long as the strength is enough. You can break into the domain. But judging from the situation of hitting the bullet just now, it was not the lack of divine power, but the mask of the divine realm. Like a very flexible silk hill, there is no gap to enter. It gave him a feeling that he could not be forced into it by divine power alone. Could it be that there are still some mysteries unknown to him in the divine realm of the God King? Like his realm of destruction. It is also in constant exploration that more and more abstruse rules are realized. He, the God king, is only a hundred million years away from the old God king? The understanding of the laws of the divine realm is absolutely not as familiar and skilled as they are. More abstruse, but also need him step by step to explore out, not overnight success. At least, collapsible bulk container ,plastic pallet manufacturer, at the moment, this god-level mask of the divine realm isolates his energy and divine body from the outside. His divinity quickly contacted Kreis and asked what was going on in spiritual language? Because of his arrival, the battle of dragons and tigers between Kreis and Adora came to an end temporarily, and the two men were tens of thousands of meters apart, facing each other with warning and hatred. The Lord of Conspiracy was surprised by his question. Directly to his brain: "Don't you think that the laws of creation all have one thing in common, that is, exclusiveness?"? The use of the power of the law of exclusivity in battle can create a duel space of absolute safety, which can only be entered by the supreme power, and other gods and kings without permission. "No one can enter". Chapter 812: Twilight of the Gods (62) The Road to Escape Two-three sex? The first time Zhang Wenlong heard of this small noun, it really did not cross its Fachuan Youshi structure and operation principle. He conveyed his confusion to Kreis and asked her for a brief hint. Unexpectedly, the Lord of Conspiracy glanced at him with a faint smile on his face and was noncommittal.
Let him "cross the river by feeling the stones" and think about it by himself. There is no possibility of giving a reply. Can I go in and help? Zhang Wenlong did not mention the exclusive topic and quickly spread the sound. But Chris took a glance at him and replied, "You'd better deal with your opponent first." It is not too late for the Son, Jehovah, to help me again! Otherwise, the Son may appear in the battlefields of other gods and kings, or in the battlefields of other ancient powers, posing a huge threat. After the war, the Supreme Lord asked, "Don't blame us for not reminding you!" The indirect cabinet cut off his help to fight Jingqiu. Zhang Wenlong was so angry that we came to help him. Not to mention Adora, the Sunbird, the main God of conspiracy, Kreis, was not allowed to break into the battle group. He knew that Adora was the strongest fighter among the ancient powers, and that his divine realm was the condensation of pure divine energy. Not the power of the law of creation, once the main God of conspiracy intends to let him enter the war circle, then Adora's divine realm has no effect on him, and when the divine power reaches the index of collision, he can participate in this divine war smoothly. To his surprise, Kreis simply shut him out of the war. This shows that there are two possibilities: one is that Kreis is confident that he can deal with Adora, or at least remain invincible; the other is that the dark God kings, who hold a deep "exclusiveness" to him, are not convinced by him at all! Just as he was thinking, in the translucent domain, the figures of Adora and Chris flashed into two rays of light and suddenly flew into each other. With a violent sound of gas explosion, two figures flew rapidly on both sides, and their feet struggled to step on the void, swinging a circle of energy ripples, whooshing twice, and rushing to each other. Looking at the two god-level main gods in the domain. Zhang Wenlong's magic eyes suddenly shot out a strong murder: since the main God of conspiracy, Kreis, did not allow him to participate in the war, then, Ganzhao used the characteristics of the light and dark divine realm to isolate all the external divine scanning, and even killed her! As soon as he read this, his heart beat excitedly,wholesale plastic pallet, staring at the mask of the divine realm, which was shaken by the gas explosion in the realm, and he used his brain to imagine how to break through its exclusive barrier and enter it!. cnplasticpallet.com

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