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I am going for a check up but i have always known that bleeding, or spotting usually is a tell tale sign of having cancer.

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Now before we say "WHAT positive attributes of menopause?" there ARE some! No periods, no fear of pregnancy, great sexual maturity and so on. Share some of yours with us!

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I'm not near the stage yet but I know she's a comin' at some stage! Based on the women in my family, I'm about 15 years away from menopause but one never knows. I wonder how old other women ...

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I have suffered from night sweats for several years, on and off. I would like to explore natural ways to help relieve my symptoms.

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One of the worst parts of having hot flashes in the middle of the night is that they trigger cramping and pain my intestines. Anyone have this? My doctor explains it is because the same ...

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My friend Debbie, emailed me today and asked the above question. Has anyone heard about this alternative treatment? If so, does it work? I'll do my own research and let everyone know what I find ...

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