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The Cutting Creasing Rule is a device which helps to cut various objects in specific sizes as per the diverse requirements of the industry. Manufacturing of such rules has got an impetus with the growing technology to meet the supply of well finished products in global markets.

These high end products can be anything from foam, air filled bags, corrugated boxes, cartons, bubble wraps, thick sheets and many more used in the packaging industry. Having products cut in specific shape and sizes enables the quick and better way of packaging products for easy dispatch. This also helps to keep the stuffs organized in the warehouse, because uneven shape cartons and boxes can’t be placed properly at a place.
Now, here are few components of cutting creasing rule which helps in enhancing the performance of any industry.

Center Bevel

It’s the kind of cutting edge geometry which is facilitated for giving desired creasing and cutting as perfect outcome for end use in the packaging industry. Bevel center means, the cutting edge is exactly in the middle of the rule’s thickness.

Side Bevel

It’s available in 52o and 42o both

Center Bevel Long Edge

This is available both in 42o and 52o as top level bevel cutting angle. It’s one of its kind bevel which is useful to cut material like cloth, leather, foam and few more.

Through Hardened Rules

When the hardened rules with an edge it has some hardness on the body.
Edge Hardened Rules

When the tip of a rule has hardened then best possible body with the rule is tender and soft to achieve dexterity and bend-ability for better mechanisms and suitable rules of length.

Cutting Creasing Rule are manufactured to meet the international standard industry requirements for attaining efficiency and performance in any work undertaken.

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