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a big truck fell on Me in 1974, i was in the Hospital for 28 days, i had a Scull Fracture on the top of My Head from the right top to the portian that goes downward in the middle at the back of My head, it was about 4"s long, i had a broke Jaw in 2 places ( left side at lower Ear and Lower Jaw in the middle at My Chin, a broke Pelvic in the left upper Hip and down at the lower Pelvic, 2 Laserations, 1 over My left Eye back and up over the left Ear about 1 " above the Brawl. i have Not had any Head Trama since until 2 Years ago, i started having Pain in the back of My head where the Ending of My Scull Fracture is, I start getting these Feelings that Something is Not Right, this Feeling last for about 10/15 Minutes, I have to Sit Down and then i have No Control over My Head, Arms, and Legs. My head Feels as though I am being stuck with a Needle at the back point of the Scull Fracture, then the Pain moves forward as it last from 3/20 Minutes, My Eye's Blink real fast, My Arms and Legs Jerk out of Control and I am Tired afterwards, I can Hear and See most everything that is going on around Me, but I Can't make it Stop and have No Entergy after it's over, I cannot Walk during the Eppisode. I have had @ EEG's, a EKG, a MRI, the Dr. put Me on 3 different Seizure Med's for 1 1/2 Years, it only got Worse, now He has been trying Me on Clonazepam/Klonopin and it is Not Working either. i have a 10/15 window of this Feeling before an episode Happens, it's not like a Seizure that comes on all the sudden, there is also Seizures that gives a Warning, but I was told by the Dr. that Seizures are like a Electric Shock either to the Whole Body or in centralized areas, They cannot find any Brain or Scalp issues but, He did say that it could be so Small that the EEG and MRI is Not picking it up. i was only having 1 every few Days, Now I am having them at Least 2 Times a Day, it acks like some kind of Scalp Spasm, at times the Pain goes through My Head and Down My Right Arm Mostly and the back Right of My Neck. Provided that Anyone has Any Information as to some kind of Help, I would be So Thankful, Prayers Please, Thanks !!!

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Huntsville, USA

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