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God, where do I start, just edging towards fifty, now 47 since September. Found out that life long obesity is due to syndrome x insulin resistance so trying to tackle that, trying to lose weight, currently technically morbidly obese lol love that term. Work night shifts 48hr week as a project worker in a homeless unit for teenagers and young adults, running up 5 plus flights of stairs so can t be that morbid lol.
Taken up power lifting to help with weight, plus found a sport finally that I like doing, albeit a bit weird. Also partner on of for last 8 yrs just moved in again, 18 yrs younger so struggling to keep up with him and grasp on and prolong whats left of my youth.

Have been divorced for last 9 years from an abusive ex with whom I stupidly had four children, though dont regret them just the circumstance. They are all grown now but have lived with my ex for years which has been diffcult since I had a breakdown, oh yeah have struggled with depression for years, but when training at gym dont get such a problem.
Having all sorts of health probs with menopause and thoroughly fed up with it currently as hot flashes are never ending it seems and not insomnia has arrived lol. Trying to treat syndrome x with natural supplements and have lost weight quickly.

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Lets not ask for the moon when we have the stars

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