Are you a mom, a relative taking care of small children, a foster mom? Families come in all shapes and sizes - let us know yours!

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Even the thought of your own heart being removed and replaced by the heart of a recently diseased person is frightening and maybe even a little ghoulish for some. People, especially women, tend to ...

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Lung cancer and emphysema were my main fears as a smoker of...oh...16 years. But even after all those years of smoking a pack a day my lungs felt pretty good (of course I'm sure they didn't look ...

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According to the Lupus Research Institute (LRI), there is a connection between lupus and heart disease that young women need to be alerted to. Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic ...

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She died of a broken heart! She took to her bed and died! These are statements we think we'll find in Victorian dramas, romance novels and other areas of literary fiction. Except that it's not ...

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