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Rhiiannon Daviies

. Type one brittle asthama - worse through teenage years
. Eczema - Better now
. Borderline peronality disorder- diagnosed age fourteen
. Aspergers - I see in myself; currently waiting for a diagnosis
. Troubles eating and gaining weight
. Currently quite unhappy with life in need of a new start

If anyone can relate to any of the conditions and would like to ask questions or give advice then please free to comment i would love to know other people with similar problems, I would also like to meet a boy with bpd as i always wondered what it would be like in a male how it would present itself and how males cope with the disorder, Similar to this if anyone suffers with weight problems and has any idea how to gain weight or can recommend any products which may help then once again feel free.

Anyway enough of that.
Im Rhiannon
I'm soon to be sixteen
I love to party and be with my friends
I can be a little mental and i put myself in silly situations
I sometimes dont think before i say
I love Music
I love piano
I love Josh
I love my family - more than anything
I believe in angels
I love to read write
I feel lost

Rhiiannon Daviies
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Rhiannon Mary Ann Davies


Crewe, 0 England


Mar 24


" Everday day do a little something, to make tomorow a brighter day"

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