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Rinatta Paries

Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries is a Dating and Relationship Coach and a Certified Relationship Specialist with the American Psychotherapy Association.

I work with and help:
~ SINGLES who want to finally attract the right kind of partners
~ Men and women who want DATING RELATIONSHIPS that are moving forward
~ Men and women in LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS or MARRIAGE, who want their relationship to work, so that they are both happy and satisfied
~ Men and women going through a BREAKUP who want to let go of their ex-partner, get over the breakup and attract a healthy mate for a loving relationship

I have been helping clients and doing this work for more than 15 years.

I have helped singles who can’t understand why they are single transform their lives and attract a loving mate. I have helped people going through a break-up to let go and move on or to get the person back and create a healthy relationship. I have helped clients grieving over the loss of a loved one – through break-up, divorce or death – to heal and move on. I have helped people recovering from affairs to rebuild their marriages. I have helped people save their relationships. I have helped people who don’t know what’s wrong with them or their love life discover what’s wrong and create change, so that they can have deep love in their lives. The list goes on and on. I can help and have helped people in most any love situation.

Who am I and how is it that I help people with love and relationships?

Let me tell you about myself so that you can get to know how and why I can help you.

I have always wanted to help people. This is why, upon graduation from college with a B.A. in political science, I worked for a social-service agency. However, I was stuck behind a desk, and what I really wanted to do was to help people. A number of years and some interesting jobs later, I ran across an article about the budding profession of life coaching and the online university called CoachU that was training life coaches.

I was in the group of the first 700 coaches to attend CoachU’s two-year life coach training program and graduated in 1998. At the time, CoachU was the only school training life coaches. I also became a member of and was certified as one of the first master coaches by the International Coach Federation, a certification and regulation body of the life-coaching profession.

Now you know about my professional training as a life coach. Let me tell you why I am the Relationship Coach and, more importantly, why I am able to powerfully help you transform your relationship life.

The one thing that did not work in my life from the very beginning was relationships. From my very first boyfriend in high school, I knew I was in trouble. Love was confusing and scary at best and heart-wrenching at worst.

More break-ups than I can count and various other love-life predicaments and entanglements later, I decided I had enough. I was going to get to the bottom of what made me so miserable, what made me pick wrong partners and stay in bad relationships.

I embarked on a path of self-discovery. I read all the self-help books I could find. I worked with therapists and coaches. I worked on myself for a decade before I became a Love Coach.

The beginning of this journey was rough. I had a bout with an eating disorder. I was depressed and could not work for two years. I felt lost. But then life and love started to get better. It started to be easier to figure out what kept me from having the kind of love I wanted. I found and worked with all of the tools, tricks and shortcuts, all the kinds of support and work a person must have and do to learn to attract and keep true love. I learned so much about myself, about people in general and how we function in relationships in particular – what works and does not work in relationships – that 10 years into my personal journey I had to become a Love Coach.

You might ask about my own relationship. I am currently single and dating, two years out of a divorce after a 12 year marriage. Being single again after being in a relationship for so long is certainly very interesting! I can say with certainty that having gone through this latest transition I know even more about how to keep a relationship, or how to let go of a relationship in the healthiest, most loving way possible. I am learning a whole lot of new information about dating as well.

The beauty of my journey for you is that wherever you are in your relationship life, I have likely been there and can lead you to where you want to be. It took me years to gather all the knowledge, tools and information I use in my coaching practice and life, but it does not have to take you that long. I can help you find out exactly what is keeping you from having the love you want in the Get Clarity Session. If you wish, I can then support you in taking the journey to healing your love life by working with you on a one-on-one Coaching Program as your Relationship Coach.

Many people before you have taken their own self-discovery and relationship growth journey with me. Without exception, their relationship lives – and their whole lives – were transformed for the better. You can read some of their feedback on my Client Feedback page.

I invite you to believe that what you have always dreamed for your relationship life is possible for you. I can help you get there as your Relationship Coach, either by working with you personally or by purchasing and working through the programs I have created.

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