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What is Magnetic Supplementary Glazing?
Magnetic supplementary glazing is a detachable secondary glazing -panel, held set up by magnets. The best thing about this kind of extra glazing is that it is incredibly easy to set up, low cost in comparison to both double-glazing and long lasting magnetic secondary glazing and you will still reap the benefits of lower energy charges. Plus it is easily removed if you want to!
HOW EXACTLY DOES Magnetic Extra Glazing Work?
This sort of removable supplementary glazing uses magnets to carry it set up. Which means that it is performed company, but can be removed pretty easily if you want to access the key window underneath through the summer or within an disaster. Self-adhesive magnetic pieces (coloured to complement the window structure) are mounted on the perimeter of the home window frame - they are permanent, but because the colour complements the window framework, when the -panel is not set up avoid being in a position to see them.

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