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Hi all - last year after a car accident with multiple spine injuries and no relief from conservative treatments I had a laminectomy with a triple fusion to my lumbar spine. I am now at the six month post-op point and having some of the same symptoms that I started noticing prior to the accident (such as the pain in the groin area and numbness and tingling in my legs) I revisited a rheumatologist I previously saw back in 2010 for the osteo-arthritis I have. Apparently there was some confusion since they tell me I had the market in my blood tests back then showing I had AS, with a note I never followed up, which is inaccurate since I did call and was told everything was normal. I have a great memory and I could get a room full of people to attest that I would never had NOT followed up but regardless, here I am with AS and two rods and six screws in my back. I am wondering if having had this surgery is it a hindrance or a plus in managing AS? Anybody have any idea? I am going back to the Rheumatologist in two weeks - she put me on prednisone for two weeks 15 mg each morning and then is stopping it for another two weeks to see if I had improvement in the second week and am back to pain for the last two. When I revisit she mentioned medications such as Embrel or Humira??? Does anyone have any info on wither of these? I am a bit lost here I have a sister with RA who is interjecting with me but it is creating a strain and I need some outside opinions and advice to deal with it all. Many thanks for listening I hope to hear back :-)

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