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I have had breast cancer 4 times. I had invasive ductal carcinoma each time and had negative nodes on the 2 occasions when my nodes were completely removed. I was first diagnosed at 29 and had a left breast lumpectomy and radiation. On my 5 year check-up at 34, it was back in the same place and I had a masectomy and chemo. At 36, the mammogram found a tiny cancer, too small to feel, and this led to a right breast lumpectomy and radiation. 15 years passed, and a mammogram found another small cancer in another portion of my right breast. I had a masectomy July 22,2011 with a back flap reconstruction (same type of reconstruction as on the left side). The surgeons found a suspicious piece under the lumpectomy scar and it has been sent to the lab to see if it is cancerous. I won't know about chemo until I get my pathology report next week. I am triple negative. My mother and her sister also had both breast and ovarian cancer and my Mom had colon cancer as well. Both died young at 61 and 52 respectively. I had genetic testing years ago but didn't have the common BRACA 1 or2 mutations. There was some bizarre coding in one of these genes, what they called a genetic variation of unknown significance. I am following up with the agency to see if this is one of the "missence" variants that have now been linked to genetic based cancers.



Sharon Greene


Surrey, BC, Canada, Canada


The truth will someday be revealed.

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