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When younger, had some routine blood work and was found to have Low Potassium (K). I was told I was dehydrated and to eat more potassium rich foods, etc. Several times over the years, I have had the symptoms of low potassium mistaken for a panic attack. Most of the labs where I was found to have low K were done as part of employee blood tests or prenatal care, or when I was ill for something else. Have had "attacks" ( numbness, tingling, cramping, stiffening of muscles, almost like tetany) when my K is less than 3.2 and end up in the ER. Have had crushing chest pain when it is 2.6-2.8. Have followed up with three different Primary Care MD's to have the first two tell me it is normal aging or to suggest anti-depressants or anti-anxiety therapy. My third and current PMD, has tried to help, but say's it is now out of her league. I've next been to a nephrologist and an endocrinologist who have differing opinions but no definitive diagnosis. I have had chronically low K, even with supplements, in the last 5 years since I have been taken seriously. I have had a high aldosterone level only two times these past 5 years, but all other tests come up inconclusive.
I have gained much weight over the years. Most notably, I was still 135 lbs at 5'9" when I was 32, without any special dieting or exercise program. I am now 211 lbs, and though I have tried numerous diets, and exercise programs, I just keep gaining. It is in my face, neck, and abdomen. My friends and family wonder why I am "letting myself go", and I have been recently been referred to as a "linebacker" in pictures, where once I was truly thin without even trying.
I have now developed hypertension and am taking spironolactone in addition to K supplements, but still have occasional symptoms. I have also developed a "hump" at the base of my neck that feels like a fatty pad on my muscles, I am easily fatigued, suffer from frequent insomnia and occasional bouts of vertigo (unsure if these are related or incidental.) I am also developing horrible pain in my left hip joint that often radiates down my leg all the way to the heels of my feet.
Worst part is feeling like I am not the person I once was, and that no matter what diet, exercise, stress management I try...it seems to keep getting worse. I take medications, but over time, they seem to not work, and my doasges just keep going up. My doctor's are working under various "presumptive diagnoses", which to me is jut fancy for "we don't freaking know, and we're guessing."
Wish I could help myself and feel more in control of things.

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