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my nan has pancriatic cancer but she doesnt want to know what cancer she has me and my aunte are the ones trying to understand things also trying to help my nan in every way we can . but the truth is we have no idea what we are expecting my nan is at stage 4 the doctors have told us she has roughly 3/6 months left :( . the thing is i lost my mum 2 years ago sudden she was 46 life really has been tough for us all now this . my nan was probaly fitter than me she was always out she walked everywhere .now she is really suffering its so sad but she refuses help from strangers .her pain is getting bad and all she is taking in paracetomol .her feet can no longer fit in shoes /slippers also her belly has become huge the last 3 weeks . does anyone have any advice as we really know nothing about cancer .my nans has spread to her liver also surspected in her stomach lineing . im trying to find out all the things that happen close to the end to try to get some idea of things we need to know about . please help x

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live life happy smile and keep warm . the love you are surronded in keep close to your heart that love will never leave us even if we part , were all togeather in every beat always .

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