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Hello! My name is Jessie, three years ago I was in a really bad accident in which my truck collided with a Redwood Tree. I was trapped for four hours, but was saved by the local volunteer fire department. After a long time in ICU, three surgeries and a year on crutches Ive come through with a rod in my femur and a fused ankle (Subtalar fusion). My life has changed forever since that day, and sometimes the pain gets me down. But I remind myself how lucky I am to have my leg at all! I really love life and am happiest when I can go out and be active. I am joining this community to keep myself informed and motivated to keep on improving and doing my own therapy, and to meet people who might need to find strength from me as well.

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Albion, CA USA


Jan 29

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“Whatever we learn has a purpose and whatever we do affects everything and everyone else, if even in the tiniest way. Why, when a housefly flaps his wings, a breeze goes round the world; when a speck of dust falls to the ground, the entire planet weighs a little more; and when you stamp your foot, the earth moves slightly off its course. Whenever you laugh, gladness spreads like the ripples in a pond; and whenever you're sad, no one anywhere can be really happy. And it's much the same thing with knowledge, for whenever you learn something new, the whole world becomes that much richer.” -Norton Juster



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