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Stacie Walker

Life is fantastic!

I made the mistake of having a false sense of security with having a corporate job.

All of that changed when I ended up in the emergency room due to liver complications. I was out of work for two months. I didn't receive any sick leave and my paychecks immediately stopped.

My life was a wreck and I was a total mess. On a positive note, something unexpected happened to me.

At the beginning of month three of being away from my job, my life began as an entrepreneur. By the time I recovered from my health scare, I made the transition from an employee to a business owner.

It dawned on me that I did not have to return to a life of working under someone else or having an embarrassing cap on my annual salary. I was already producing more money at home in my silk pajamas, working part-time than I was working full time at a job I really did not care much about.

No way was I going to return to a full time nightmare career that made me miserable.

Gone are those days. I have not looked back.

If natural limitations are in your way, circumvent them or eliminate them. Virtually nothing can stop you if you are driven to get to the top in this life.

The life you desire can be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible, and it is yours.

Stacie Walker
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Stacie Walker


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Master others is strength. Mastering yourself is TRUE power. - Lao Tzu


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