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I am currently 40 years old and was diagnosed with uterine fibroids last year(2010) after having an episode of incredible intense pain. I had some smaller episodes for a while but I just chalked it up to menstrual cramps. I was sent to a specialist who gave me the only option of a hysterectomy. My husband and I rejected that idea and we went to another doctor who said he could help us. He suggested Lupron Depot and after some decision, I went on it. I was lucky than most people who went on this shot, since I did not have most of the symptoms that were listed. I went on the shot for 10 months and the major fibroid shrunk several cm's. I also started losing weight, which I contributed to the fibroid shrinking, but the doctor did not believe so. I think so. In about a week, I am scheduled for a laparscopic(sp) myomectomy and I am hoping that he is able to get the fibroid.

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Ulster, PA United States

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