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Nowadays, SEO services are being accepted by more and more people. From being unfamiliar with SEO to using this new technology to optimize their sites, people began wondering how to use SEO services better. I have studied SEO for just a few months, but I am still willing to share my opinion about four important factors affecting the optimization effect of SEO.

First and foremost, the content of your website should be updated continuously. If your website is updated, it will make search engine spider form a good habit to search your website timely. In that case, your other efforts to optimize your website ranking will not be in vain. However, some people either do not update his website for a long time or update a lot of contents at a time. This also doesn't work. The best way is to update regularly.

Second, you should select the space or server of fast speed and good stability when you want to buy them. Imagine that no matter how many times you click on a site, it cannot be opened, then will you come back to visit this website again? Absolutely not! It is the same that if the search engine spiders cannot catch the content of your website for a few times, it will consider your website as the spam. Therefore you should guarantee your website's access speed and space stability.

Third, the content of your website and advertorial should be mostly original. More and more major search engines prefer to original contents, so high-qualified content can enhance the site's PR and keywords ranking. It is known that no matter how many pseudo-original articles are posted, its effect is not good as one high-quality advertorial.

Last, remember there are some websites providing SEO services in the world. If you have no confidence in your SEO skills or you want to enjoy professional SEO services, you can choose to find some websites offering SEO services. All of these websites have professional SEO experts which can help you increase your site's ranking. Of course, it is possible to optimize your websites by your own, but if you want your site to be optimized faster, finding some SEO services is still necessary.

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