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I have had two children by the time i was 22, and thank goodness i did! because in 2003 at the age of 23 I had a complete Hysterectomy. This is due to endometriosis, sever endometriosis. Bleeding internally. It was on everthing including my kidneys, liver, and bladder. It has been 10 yrs and I have not taken hormone therapy but now i am having some trouble with other things. Tired, swelling in hands and feet, restless legs, cold all the time, unable to loss weight ... very frustrating but hanging in there.

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Talisha Bland


Larose, LA 70373 United States


Jan 25


Your actions in life are like music to your world. Every step is a note that creates the symphony of your life. Make sure your steps are confident and full of strength to create the sound you want the world to hear.

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