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Trivedi Effect®is a world-renowned, natural phenomenon of transforming living organisms and non-living materials to perform at the highest level. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi has this incredible ability to transform living organisms and non-living substances.

Since 1995, Mr. Trivedi has demonstrated the impact of these Energy Transmissions in areas as diverse as agriculture, materials science, microbiology, animal husbandry and human wellness. In most of the instances, the effects have been profound, positive and evolutionary.

Mr. Trivedi’s ultimate mission through application of The Trivedi Effect® is two-fold: to establish a new scientific paradigm that will bring about lasting solutions to the world’s most pressing problems and thus vastly improve the human condition. And secondly, to bring a new paradigm to the field of human wellness that is based on the phenomenon of improving an individual’s connection to his or her own Inner Guidance System and ultimately to the infinite source of Universal Intelligence, transforming the individual’s life for the next level.

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The world is changing all around us. In this 21st century, humanity is facing some of its greatest challenges. For humankind to continue to thrive and prosper, we must look ahead into the future to help society discover a new paradigm of science that addresses these challenges and to help individuals to discover their true purpose on this planet. There is a need to integrate the mind and body with the spirit and soul so that people can enjoy a state of happiness and wellness in all areas of their lives.

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