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After 3 years of being treated for multi-nodal tumors on my thyroid, the Endocrinologist referred me to a surgeon to have the total thyroid removed. The largest tumor was 2.5 cm, and the others were similar size or smaller. I was having difficulty swallowing, and had a concern about it becoming cancerous, so I agreed to the surgery.

My surgery went extremely well, and I had excellent care while in the hospital. I went in last Thursday morning, and was discharged Saturday afternoon once they determined my calcium had leveled off to the normal range again. The post-op pain was very manageable. I had mild tingling/numbness in my hands and face, which was attributed to low and fluctuating calcium levels. They increased my Oscal intake and the problem subsided.
Prior to the surgery, I was taking 25mcg of Levothyroxine (generic) which was doing nothing, and I was gaining weight pretty rapidly, the tumors continued to grow. I changed endocrinologists, who increased the dose to 50mcg and put me on the brand name, Levoxyl, because the variances were much less with the brand than the generic. The endo felt when deailing with hormones it was best to minimize the efficacy variance.
Post surgery:
So now the endo has me on 125 mcg Levoxyl, 8000 mg Calcium and 4000 IU Vitamin D, and .25 mcg Calcitriol 4x day (gradually increased from 1x day right after the surgery).

recuperation observations...
recurring nunbness in face, hands, feet
restlessness, exhaustion from doing NOTHING
despondancy/ depression
out of control emotionally
I have a followup appointment with my endocrinologist for this coming Tuesday. After all of the internet research I've done, I'm convinced I need to be on Armour to avoid the litany of symptoms associated with a total thyroidectomy. I don't know how she's going to react to my request, but I'm a single woman and cannot be debilitated with this exhaustion and range of emotions I'm feeling now.
I know it's been only 1 week, so I'm prematurely panicking, but I don't have the luxury of staying at home for more than one more week, then I've got to return to work (event planner). It's really crucial that I dial in on exactly the right hormone replacement and dosage as quickly as possible.

The fact that I'm a 'planner' should have factored into my decision to have the surgery. I researched the surgery, but not the long term effects from the thyroid removal. I felt the doctors could have prepared and educated me more, and taken a more proactive role in the post surgical adjustments.

I'm just looking for someone else who can commiserate and shed some more light on what I'm just wading into!

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