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I knew from a young age that I had unique talents and abilities although from all outward appearance I seemed to lead an ordinary childhood. As I matured, I became more aware of the extent of my abilities until one night in 1995, I received “guidance” that my gifts were now to be used for the welfare of humankind. I resigned from being a respected engineer and businessman, and began to follow my mission of bringing this powerful energy to the world with extraordinary results. Tens of thousands of people throughout the world have reported vastly improved overall health and well being including relief from chronic pain, debilitating diseases, emotional and psychological disorders and food and environmental sensitivities from the energy transmissions of I have given, this is also known as the Trivedi Effect®

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Mahendra Trivedi


Scottsdale, AZ

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The day an individual realizes their complete skillset and hidden gifts, they can plan their life. Become the project manager for your own life, Nature and the God of your Understanding will flow through you. - Mahendra Trivedi

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