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Liberty Science LLC 12995 N Oracle Road 141-135 Tucson AZ 85737
www.libertyscience.com vera@libertyscience.com 520-275-8755

Brief Bio
Vera Shury, a naturalized citizen, from Germany, earning the American dream . Learned self sufficiency from parents rental property, accounting in early jobs, started business with ex-husband in 1967 in Casualty Insurance, and an Alarm System Company and worked those businesses until 2002 when she started in Fitness.
She would like to alert you to the Neuromuscular techniques and education that will benefit your quality of life, and be an advance to the care you provide for your self and your family. Vera Shury earned a B.A. in Anthropology in 2010; with emphasis on medical, biological, cultural anthropology and is Internationally Certified in Fitness Therapy, Black Belt, gold medalist senior olympics, approved for subsidized funds by the American Parkinson’s Disease Association, and Certified for Quality Focus by the Heart Association.
Presently has classes through Oro Valley Parks, Saddlebrooke and Fellowhip Square, and previously has provided them for schools, parks, residential communities and individuals; the curriculum includes Neuromuscular body mechanics, healthy/holistic lifestyle, continuing education and FUN while providing integrated individualized training even in a group setting; with the use of Aerobic, Strength, Martial Arts, Dance, Pilates and Yoga modalities.
at 71 no meds, teaching, roller blading, biking, dancing grateful to my higher power





Tucson, (Oro Valley), AZ 85737 USA


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