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The problem of short and thick eyelashes is a topical issue for a large number of women across the world. In this respect as a practical cosmetician, I can say that today’s most effective product to stimulate the growth of eyelashes is eyelash serum. One of the today’s most effective products is considered to be lash serum developed by Xlash Company. What makes xlash eyelash serum the best eyelash enhancer is the specific innovative formula, due to which this eyelash enhancer is able to supply vitamins, proteins and minerals directly to hair follicles in order to stimulate cellular renewal processes, which have a positive impact on the growth of your eyelashes. In addition, one of the important factors is that using this eyelash enhancer, you don’t need to wait longer months to see changes. After using xlash eyelash serum during 15 days, you will remark that your lashes are significantly longer, that is why more and more women give preference to this product.

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