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Bariatric Revision Surgery: What Is This? - Dr. Fobi (VIDEO)

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Bariatric Revision Surgery: What Is This? - Dr. Fobi (VIDEO)
Bariatric Revision Surgery: What Is This? - Dr. Fobi (VIDEO)
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Dr. Mathias Fobi describes bariatric revision surgery.

Dr. Fobi:
With gastric bypass or the LAP-BAND® or any of the operations we do, some patients are not going to succeed or they would have complications. If we have to re-operate on these patients that is called revision surgery. Revision surgery means that we are going to revise the surgery that was done.

Sometimes we revise the LAP-BAND® to the gastric bypass or the gastric bypass to a sleeve gastrectomy or to a biliopancreatic diversion. If a patient has a complication, they will have to go and revise the procedure to make sure it works. In my hands, about five percent of patients who have this surgery would need a revision within the first ten years.

With different procedure the revision rate is differ. With the Fobi Pouch the revision rate is five to six percent. With a gastric bypass the revision rate in ten years is anywhere from 5 to 30%. With a LAP-BAND® the revision rate in five to ten years is more like 10 to 40%. So that is information that we will give the patients. Some of these operations have higher revision rates than others.

Revisions have higher complications than the primary operations because when you go to revise, you go into work in an area where work has been done so the chances of leaks, infection and bleeding are higher. So we don’t like doing revisions except when we really have to.

Dr. Mathias A.L. Fobi, M.D., F.A.C.S.:
Dr. Mathias A.L. Fobi, is an internationally recognized bariatric surgeon, who has changed the shape of Hollywood heavyweights such as Etta James and American Idol’s Randy Jackson. MAL, as he is known among friends, was born in Nkwen, a small village in Cameroon, West Africa. He is a member of the first batch, class of 1965, 0f Sacred Heart College in Mankon Bamenda in Cameroon. He came to the USA through the African Scholarship Program for American Universities (ASPAU) in 1966. This was a scholarship program that was inaugurated by President Kennedy along with the Peace Corps Program.

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